Frequently Asked Questions

Why call on a certified professional organizer?

When you have a problem, you call an expert. Just like a doctor can help you with a rash, or a personal trainer with your fitness goals, a professional organizer supports you to make the changes you need and want in your home. my toolbox of strategies and solutions is put to work on YOUR goals!

How does it work?

During our exploratory phone call, you will describe to me your challenges and goals, I will tell you how I work, and answer all your questions.

During our Sessions, I direct our exploration toward insights, and helping you better understand your challenges so you can make decisions more easily.

The Session goal is to launch you back into your projects with more a clearer understanding, target area to address next, and specific steps to take.

What if I’ve tried many times to declutter and get organized and not succeeded?

Organizing doesn’t come naturally for many people, and we may experience guilt, frustration and low self-esteem.

The good news is that organizing skills can be learned.

I have specialized education and training to help discouraged people get unstuck.

When you acquire tools for change, you gain the confidence and improved self-esteem to shed negative labels and move forward.

Will my space feel like MY SPACE?

Absolutely! This is YOUR project, and your values and choices will determine how it develops.

Will I be organized forever?

While some people just need a short-term assist to get on track, others prefer continued support through periodic or on-demand maintenance visits.

My work focuses on acquiring personal insights, developing skills and creating personalized systems. All of these contribute to sustainability!

Why work with me?

Because I GET it. I have lived with chronic disorganization.

As I learned to remove my own clutter, I tested a wide range of home organization ideas and solutions.

With me you get the best of my experience, both the professional and the personal.

Whatever the issues between you and your space, I can help.