We all want to stay safe. I recently invested in robust training and have become a CERTIFIED VIRTUAL ORGANIZER so that I can continue to work with clients, both of us safe in our homes.

Have a look and then contact me!

I am a professional organizer in Montreal, and people call me when they are unhappy with some aspect of their homes.

The most common themes are too much stuff, too little space, wanting help with clutter, general disorganization, and a feeling of being overwhelmed.

My passion is helping people break through whatever is blocking them in their home or home office.

Basement space transformation

I offer a range of on-site services tailored to your needs. During our work together, you’ll get practical tips on clearing clutter and home organizing so that you can stay organized and live clutter free.

My specialized training and years of experience will get you unstuck and moving toward your goals. Your decisions will be easier with the many techniques and resources at my disposal. Whether your needs are in the area of home organization or home office organization, I can help!

My Mission

  • To share with you my resources, experience, organization ideas and energy
  • To help you identify clear goals
  • To act as your collaborator, supporter and teammate

“You did a brilliant job with the two of us, helping us feel OK about the process of tidying our basement. You are so capable. You helped us clarify our goals and make a plan. You are amazing!” N.S., The Beaches, Toronto

entry, before and after organizing by Alison Lush

My Values

  • No judgement, no pressure
  • Transparency
  • Discretion
  • YOU are the sole decision maker and YOU are the always the judge
  • Uphold the professional codes of ethics at ICD and POC
  • Use industry Best Practices, which includes carrying professional insurance