Initial Consultation

This is the foundation for any work we might do together. We start with a brief phone call, then an on-site visit which lasts about an hour. The work I do is personalized: This visit gives me key information about you, the challenges and the context, and gives you the opportunity to be sure I am the right organizer for you.

Need Virtual help for decluttering and organizing?

Let’s talk! I’ve been doing this for years 🙂

Decluttering and Downsizing

my favorite de-cluttering tools

Some clients are ready for change and eager to move quickly.

Others are less sure and need time.

YOU decide the pace.

This is YOUR process.

“In a very short period of time she earned my trust and confidence, not only due to her skills and knowledge, but also because she is fair and honest and gave me the sense that she wanted what was best for me.” S.A., NDG

Small Spaces

I’m a small-space specialist! Whether you need to maximize the space you have, or you are downsizing to a smaller home or apartment, I have the know-how to make small spaces feel roomier and more comfortable.


Whether you like to bake, cook, or simply use the microwave, I can help you create a streamlined, personalized kitchen where you can more easily do what you enjoy. I can also help you organize your pantry.

“Dear Alison, I must confess, I have visited my pantry at least fifteen times today (which would be a weekly average in normal times). I am so happy, it feels like a brand new home! You did an amazing job! Thank you so much.” M.B., Le Plateau Mont-Royal


It’s so much easier getting dressed in the morning when your clothes and accessories are well organized!

Basement, Storage Areas

These areas are often congested because they are filled with stuff that is infrequently used. I’d love to help you decide what to discard so that you can clear the clutter and make your storage a useful part of your home.

organized laundry cupboard

Chronic Disorganization

Organizing skills can be learned – by everyone!

It’s just that some people’s brains are wired differently so the approaches that make sense to them will be different too.

I work like a detective, asking questions and looking for clues until we find the organizing solutions you can believe in.


Are you chronically disorganized?

Answering these four questions will give you a sense of whether you would benefit from working with an organizer who has specialized education and training—like me!

  1. Have you felt disorganized for a long time?
  2. Does disorganization have a negative impact on your quality of life? Are the following frustrations familiar: frequent lateness, wasted time looking for things, missed deadlines, promises broken, self-care and personal goals neglected?
  3. Have you tried again and again—unsuccessfully—to organize yourself, and have these failures affected your self-esteem?
  4. Based on your past failures, do you feel discouraged about your ability to get organized?

If the above feels very familiar to you, I can help.

“Working with Alison was life changing.

I am a creative person who juggles many projects at once and was dimly aware that I’m not especially organized. But after downsizing to a smaller living and working space I was overwhelmed by the disorder and it was seriously hampering my productivity. Alison introduced me to systems and tools that made me realize how much more efficient I could be when I actually knew how to find everything I need quickly. It was a sensitive process as I was embarrassed by the level of chaos but she was compassionate and entirely nonjudgmental. She showed me how to reduce clutter and together we designed solutions that work for my particular needs. Discovering the fundamentals of organization—-something I simply never learned—was transformative. It’s a relief to know where things are and to feel comfortable having colleagues drop by.” Y.N., Montreal

Developing Efficient Systems

I can help you identify the traffic jams in your work flow and develop systems that allow information, documentation and supplies to circulate freely.

Clearing Backlog

Are you feeling paralysed?

Let’s work as a team and break through!

“Alison is the first person to have gotten through to me that I need to get rid of a large quantity of useless accumulated papers. She also taught me how to unclutter by myself.” D.T., MontrĂ©al

Maintenance visits, in person or via Skype

Some people want ongoing support to keep their space orderly and efficient. I offer flexible services to meet individual preferences.

Group Workshops

I am an experienced teacher and have developed a popular workshop series filled with organizing tips.

I am also happy to tailor presentations to specific interests or to create workshops based on the needs of your group.

Tell me what your group is interested in learning about!

More details HERE.