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Five years and counting

Best friend to the rescue again.

Five years ago I told my best friend my criteria for a new career, and she suggested “Professional Organizer”. I replied “What’s that?”

With just a little internet research I learned that there are associations of professional organizers, and education available. I signed up on the spot and started taking classes.

I was eager to work with clients and help them with their organizing challenges at home. What I did not foresee was the personal journey it would take me on.

I became my first client. Everything I was learning about, I tried on myself (and my supportive family and friends).

I can honestly say that I view my space and my possessions quite differently now.

I used to think that if I did not pay money for something, it was free. I now know that everything sitting in my home is costing me space, daily.

I took many photos of “The stuff that walked out the door”, aka donations to charity.

I am amazed that I hardly remember what all that stuff was, and I miss none of it!

I love having space. I love having learned not to bring home stuff unless it is a better treasure than what I already have.

I’m really glad a Professional Organizer came into my life.