About Me

My journey…

Being a professional organizer since 2010 has also been a personal journey.

Everything I studied, I wondered about in terms of my own life. I developed the understanding that I have a “relationship” with my things, and by becoming more aware of it, I am empowered to make much better choices.

I love learning from people who have figured things out

Increasingly, my home supports my goals, I can find my things, and I am comfortable having friends drop by.

I bring less stuff into my home because I feel less need. My home feels well-organized.

The things that I keep either serve practical needs or give me pleasure; otherwise, I pass them on to others.

Is my organized home perfect? No. I don’t strive for perfection. There is flow, I feel comfortable and at peace.

My work…

People engage me to help with their stuff and their environment, and I truly enjoy this work!

It is an honour to help people learn how to get organized, and a wonderful challenge to become familiar with each individual in order to develop solutions that are uniquely tailored to their own challenges and their goals.

The conversations we have while clearing the clutter and organizing offer many valuable opportunities for clients who want a deeper understanding about how their stuff became problematic, and therefore how to manage better in the future.

I work according to strict Codes of Ethics (ICD and POC), with respect and sensitivity.

I am energetic and cheerful, and do everything I can to make the work advance smoothly and agreeably.

“Alison is prepared, imaginative, and generous. She arrived with equipment, purpose, a sense of humour, and a gave 200% of herself every minute she was with me. I’m blown away by her energy, and her care and commitment to helping me live and work better in my home.” S.T., Montreal

small kitchens can be very functional and cozy

My education…

CPO-CD® after my name means Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization. I am the first organizer with this certification in Quebec, and the sixth in Canada. It takes years of study and work to achieve this level, and I’m thrilled to bring this education to serve my clients.

My network…

Education and Networking are two significant and powerful pillars that support me. Although I am a Solopreneur, I have developed valuable networking relationships with many dozens of successful professional organizers. Our community believes in sharing information and best practices (how cool is that!) in order to make us ALL stronger. I am very proud to participate in this dynamic group.

My volunteering…

Current: ICD Volunteer Coordinator

Previous: ICD Teleclass Committee Member, POC Director of Education on the National Board, POC Education Committee Member for 3 years

Helping others learn…

I am passionate about sharing inspiration through teaching and media opportunities.


  • I don’t ever want to stop learning! I plan to be engaged in professional studies forever, to continually add even more depth and breadth to my education and skills.
  • To always belong to our powerful network of talented, knowledgeable, generous and successful professional organizers, through continued volunteering and sharing.


  • To hear you say “I feel better” and “I see we are making progress” after every time we work together
  • To inspire you!

“I really enjoyed the whole process last Thursday and I feel totally motivated.” H.L., West Island of Montreal

“I can’t believe it ended up looking this good!” J.S., Montreal