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What is cluttering up YOUR home?

The things that clutter your home could continue to serve a good purpose in your community if you donate. Donations can;

  • become treasures for someone else,
  • provide employment,
  • support community programmes,
  • be diverted from landfill,
  • AND get the clutter out of your home!

More and more Canadians are both downsizing on the one hand, while increasingly shopping in used stores on the other, making this a fast-growing industry. Almost every community has options to donate used goods, but if you want your goods to give additional value to your community, ensure that the organization you donate to is a legitimate non-profit by reading their website.

What happens to your donations?

Many non-profits help people in crisis, perhaps leaving an abusive home, or having suffered a house fire, to get back on their feet by giving them furniture, household goods and clothing. The things you donate can also end up in one of the organizations’ stores, selling to the public. This is a booming business, and young people in particular embrace this kind of shopping.

Profile of one community-based charity

In Victoria, BC, one long-standing and successful non-profit social enterprise is WIN (Women in Need). Through their four stores, WIN sells carefully selected donated goods to the public, and the money raised not only keeps WIN self-sufficient, but also supports its 5 programs that include;

  • helping people to access the things they need through the stores,
  • supporting people in crisis to make a new start,
  • providing bursaries for training, to start a small business or to pursue wellness, and giving training in personal development.

In addition, WIN has created successful partnerships with other organizations and together they are diverting large quantities of non-salable donations from the landfill.

What is valuable to donate?

Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Young says WIN gets the most value from donated goods that are in saleable condition;

  • washed and unstained,
  • undamaged,
  • in working order, and
  • sorted by category (clothes, kitchen, toys, shoes, etc.).

If you have any questions about donating, or want to learn more about specific programmes in your area, check the internet to learn where your valuable donations will make the most impact!

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