10 Organizer tips for a stress-free move

pizza after a good move

Being better prepared is the best way to make your move as stress-free as possible.

A move means uprooting your things, and therefore temporarily losing your points of reference.

Whether or not you’re hiring movers, the following points can help.

Create Safe Zones for things that really matter during your move to keep more control.

  1. Moving File (binder if you prefer paper, on computer if you prefer digital). Put ALL your moving-related information in it, and create a safe place to keep your Moving File.
  2. Tool Kit with multi-head screwdriver, measuring tape, hammer, freezer bags with a marker to safely capture and identify removed hardware and parts.
  3. Packing Kit for tape, tape gun, markers, labels (I use rolls of green Painters’ Tape from hardware store), and coloured stickers if you want to colour-code the boxes for the rooms they will go into.

         * If it is a smaller move, you may prefer to combine the kits together*

If you are concerned about how your stuff will fit, measuring can help.

  1. Create a floorplan (on paper to scale, or online with http://www.floorplanner.com/ ). It can take time to figure out the possible layout choices, and you can start well before moving day.
  2. What will actually fit? Knowing ahead of time if you need to let go of some stuff gives you more time to make arrangements.

Recognize that a move is work!

  1. Take care of yourself.
  2. Ask for help, and accept offers.
  3. Avoid other commitments during this time.
  4. Be aware that this is a transition period for everyone involved. Remember that it is temporary.
  5. With a little research, you will find many great resources available on the internet. Many moving companies offer great lists, and even packing videos on YouTube.

For more of my own moving tips, check out this TV appearance (with English subtitles) http://bit.ly/1TLcxGa

More self-care tips when moving here: http://www.wikihow.com/Cope-With-the-Stress-of-Moving

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  1. I love that you mentioned, losing your point of reference. That is so true, especially for people who have lived in one place for a long time. Remembering the transition is only temporary is key. Great post.

    • Transitions are always sensitive times, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by emotion. Looking at the bigger picture can give some perspective. Thanks very much for reading and commenting Jill!

  2. Thanks, Alison, for this very timely post. We are working toward a major renovation that will require moving twice – out, then back in. These tips will surely ease our way.

    • Elana, I’m delighted this blog is timely for you… All the very best for your moves – Sounds like the end result will be exciting!

    • Thanks for commenting Sarah…Our last move involved downsizing, and I found it very reassuring to play with where our furniture could fit. The time leading up to the move was less stressful for me, and placing the furniture was smooth.
      Before I knew about Floorplanner.com, I made a floor plan to scale on paper, and made paper cut-outs representing our furniture. It was exactly the same exercize, and is a great option for people who prefer paper.
      Great to have a choice!

  3. Great tips, Alison. I agree measuring is important. Some things that work in one house, may not in another. When you are downsizing, I recommend measuring each room and all the large pieces of furniture and dawning it out on a floor plan. There are great apps that can help you measure out the room so you can place your size furniture pieces in it. They are way easier to use than they used to be. So, if you are tech savvy, and are willing to spend a little money, it’s a great option. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you so much for commenting on my post. I’m delighted that you found value in it!
    All my best, Alison

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