#1 Building block for a more organized life

Came home from work today feeling sluggish.

It’s only 4pm. Hours of potentially productive time ahead of me. What to do?

Scrolling down the mental list- “I could do that… or that… or maybe that. Even enough time to take on that.”

Looking around our little home: Clutter. Disorder. Piles. I feel myself sinking…more and more sluggish.

I remember a gold nugget of wisdom from one of my Organizing classes for when one is feeling overwhelmed and it’s difficult to get going.

Do one thing.” I pick up my hat, gloves and scarves from the table and put them in the front closet where they belong.

I notice the action: That was easy. I notice the feeling: That feels good. I like the system I created last year for my accessories, and it gives me satisfaction to see them put away.

Do one thing.” I empty my bag from work and put it away.

I notice the action: That was easy. I notice the feeling: That feels good. Dirty clothes are now closer to being washed. Empty bag ready for tomorrow. Feels like progress.

Sluggishness gone, starting to feel energized

We often feel stuck or overwhelmed in our physical spaces. Too many things we could be doing or think we should be doing. DO ONE THING is a powerful approach.

Choose ANYTHING to do! The point is to create forward movement.

One step, even if it is small or slow, is STILL ONE STEP, and that is a very different thing from doing nothing.

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    • It’s truly a brilliant strategy, and I believe I get even more out of it by paying attention to the results.
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