Five years and counting

Best friend to the rescue again.

Five years ago I told my best friend my criteria for a new career, and she suggested “Professional Organizer”. I replied “What’s that?”

With just a little internet research I learned that there are associations of professional organizers, and education available. I signed up on the spot and started taking classes.

I was eager to work with clients and help them with their organizing challenges at home. What I did not foresee was the personal journey it would take me on.

I became my first client. Everything I was learning about, I tried on myself (and my supportive family and friends).

I can honestly say that I view my space and my possessions quite differently now.

I used to think that if I did not pay money for something, it was free. I now know that everything sitting in my home is costing me space, daily.

I took many photos of “The stuff that walked out the door”, aka donations to charity.

I am amazed that I hardly remember what all that stuff was, and I miss none of it!

I love having space. I love having learned not to bring home stuff unless it is a better treasure than what I already have.

I’m really glad a Professional Organizer came into my life.

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  1. How great that you found your calling! And such a good idea to walk the walk yourself by evaluating your own stuff to be able to see things from a client perspective. I do the same thing! Thanks for sharing.

    • By going through this big-scale de-cluttering ourselves, we can better understand that internal evolution takes time. Thanks for your comments Sarah!

  2. Congratulations, Alison! I didn’t realize you were fairly new when we first connected – you’ve always seemed so confident and professional. I wish you continuing success for many years to come.

    • Janet, any confidence I have is nourished by our amazing network! It astounds me how generous and informative professional organizers are as a community.
      I tell my clients that if I don’t know the answer, I will shake the network tree and something is bound to come to us.
      THANK YOU JANET BARCLAY for the unique role you have created and you play in this network. You are a TRUE leader!

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